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New article about TRI in tracking implementation and environmental impact of green chemicals

Check-out the new publication from Sandra Duque Gaona (US EPA) titled "The Utility of the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) in Tracking Implementation and Environmental Impact of Industrial Green Chemistry Practices in the United States"

This chapter describes the utility of the TRI as a useful tool for measuring the impact of green chemistry practices on reducing releases and other waste management quantities of chemicals reportable to the TRI Program, and assessing progress toward sustainability goals.

You can read the document following the link https://intechopen.com/books/green-chemistry/the-utility-of-the-toxic-release-inventory-tri-in-tracking-implementation-and-environmental-impact-o or you can access it through the UNITAR PRTR:Learn Platform in the Resource section.

We invite user to check other publication from US EPA and UNITAR guidance material here http://prtr.unitar.org/site/resources
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