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Recent publications that demonstrate the utility of the TRI as a powerful pollution prevention tool.

Check-out three recent publications of the U.S. EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program that were posted in the Forum. These papers focus on the use of the TRI as a tool to assess the impact of green chemistry and other source reduction practices in preventing pollution and assessing industrial environmental performance.

The papers are titled:

• “Can Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs) be Used to Assess Implementation and Effectiveness of Green Chemistry Practices? A Case Study Involving the Toxics Release Inventory and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers”;

• “The Impact of Pollution Prevention on Toxic Environmental Releases from U.S. manufacturing Facilities”

• “On the Design of Safer Chemicals: A Path Forward”

The US EPA’s TRI Program believes PRTRs can serve as useful tools for measuring the contribution of green chemistry and other source reduction practices in preventing pollution and meeting sustainability goals. Moreover, we find PRTRs to be uniquely well-suited for assessing the progress made by different industry sectors or specific facilities therein in implementing source reduction practices. We are currently continuing our research on other types of manufacturing facilities that are subject to the TRI reporting requirements. We hope other PRTR programs will conduct similar research.


  • Thank you Steve for sharing useful information in the forum! We much appreciate all the efforts made by US EPA in publishing these articles.

    I fully agree with you regarding the huge potential of PRTR systems in tracking pollution prevention progress, source reduction practices and meeting sustainability goals. Especially most advanced and well-established PRTRs should move towards this direction and aggregate data collected by industry sectors or specific facilities, allowing national authorities to have a better picture of progress made by industries in the prevention and reduction of pollution.

    The articles definitely give interesting points that could be used as a blueprint to replicate and expand the research in other countries.

    I would like to remind users that articles and guidelines are available in the UNITAR PRTR platform under the section "Publications".

    Thank You!
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